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Mistress Canella and her lesbian lover love to have all kinds of fun. Today she surprised her lover by pinning her down and facesitting on her. She was wearing jeans so that made it extra spicy for her friend. It was a bit painful but they loved rough fun so it was not a big deal. She also rode her lover like a little pony before her lover overturned her and did the same to her.

This mistress likes jeans because they make her look sexy. But besides that, she likes jeans because she can use them to humiliate and punish a loser or a slave. She likes to use them to facesit on someone and crush them with her ass. She has a great ass and she likes to flaunt it, and there is no better cloth than jeans that enables her to do that.

This mistress loves her ass in jeans and she is always in jeans. She loves it for many reasons. Jeans fits her well and she looks great in jeans. She also likes to use it to crush things with her butt. The material is strong enough for butt crushing, and that is why she never butt crushes without her jeans. However, she does not like to butt crush people and instead prefers to butt crush toys and stuffed animals.

Mistress Helena is a hot mistress and she loves her jeans. She loves it because it shows of her sexy ass. She loves to wear it and use it to flirt and when she needs to facesit on and humiliate a guy, she also wears it and uses it to wiggle her slave's face with her ass. Today she just wanted to show off her sexy ass so she posed and took some amazing shots.

This mistress has a sexy pair of jeans and she loves to use it to have fun at the expense of her slaves. She likes to wear her thong with it and then pretend to bend to pick up something and expose it. She then makes the slave hot and bothered and when she thinks he is hooked, she facesit on him and uses her jeans to wiggle her butt on his face.

Lady Sweets has a big booty. She knows guys love it and that is why she loves to use it to flirt and tease. But today she wanted to try humiliation so she teased this guy extra spicy and even tried to strip tease for him. The guy was horny and could not think straight. She took that chance and made him lick her ass and she facesat on him using her ass and her jeans as well.

Sexy mistress Svenja wants to find out how long her slave can handle her sitting on his face. He can just barely handle the pain and getting smothered by his mistress. She doesn't care if she is hurting him, but she makes sure he gets the full brunt of her weight. She scissors his head and presses her legs against his head. He can smell her ass and he loves it.

In this hot video, sexy mistress Lisa gets her slave to lie down on the ground. She sits on his face wearing very hot tight jeans until he starts to suffocate, it is a very hot summer so he can really feel the heat and smell of her ass. She finally puts her full weight on him so he can really feel it all on his face and smell her delicious ass.

Princess Isabella is going to let you stare at her perfect ass and admire it with your eyes, but she is never going to let you touch it, no matter how much you beg. You can jerk off to her all you want, but you're just too pathetic to ever be allowed to touch her in any way. She leaves that to real men who can get her off when she needs it.

Kelsey and Shay Golden have just eaten some huge burritos when they both suddenly realize that they really need to fart and there's no way to stop it. Shay starts off by leaning over and letting one rip, which Kelsey immediately smells and enjoys. She likes it so much that she asks her for another one. Shay then bends over and lets Kelsey get her nose right into her asshole and lets another one go.

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