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Mistress Cassandra loves wearing jeans and showing off her jeans with tight fitting jeans. She was into this guy and she had managed to make him come to her place. She made him admire her jeans and told her she had a better one. She showed off her ass in the process and she was not wearing any panties. He was instantly turned on when he saw her gorgeous ass.

Mistress Svenja bought a new jeans and she wanted to test in on her slave. This is a tradition for her. She always does it whenever she buys a new pair of jeans. Today she asked her slave to lie down and she facesat on him and made him lick and smell her ass. She wiggled her ass on his face and the jeans made it extremely painful for him but that is what she wanted.

This mistress has an ass to die for. She loves playing with it and showing it off. This is because she knows that guys dig it and can never have enough of it. Today she was showing off her jeans to her boyfriend, and since she wanted to torture him with desire, she took advantage of it and showed off her ass. She made him get horny but denied him sex and told him it was not on her mind.

Lady Sue likes to tease. She is a flirt and enjoys how she turns guys on and then leaves them high and dry. This guy was not so lucky since besides teasing him, she also smothered his face with her jeans on and she even removed the jeans and made him smell and lick her ass. It was both a turn on and painful for him to be made to lick and smell her ass.

Mistress Lizz La Reign wanted to facesit on her slave and she knew her jeans would make the experience even more painful for the slave. So she wore her jeans and admired how it fitted her perfectly. She even teased the slave first before she started humiliating him. He did not see it coming as he assumed that she wanted to flirt with him and tease him. But she crushed his face with her ass in jeans.

Mistress Isabella loves using her jeans to humiliate and punish slaves and losers. But today she wanted to add her stockings. She had her slave lick her stockings as well as smell them before she used her jeans to facesit on him and enjoy how he felt pain and cried like a little girl. It is the jeans that broke him because of how painful it was on his face.

Mistresses Maya Sue and Runa are lesbian mistresses who like to get their freak on any time anywhere. Today they were in mistress Runa's house when they watched a romantic film and found themselves horny. They went to the bedroom and mistress Runa removed her lesbian lover's jeans. Before she could do anything, her lover got on top of her and licked her through her jeans and that led to a night to remember.

Mistress Rouge Amy has a nice ass and she does not like to wear panties. She likes to tease guys with her ass and also likes to get her ass smelled. When a guy falls for her ass, she likes to make him lick it. And if he does not do it like she wants, she uses her jeans to crush him and facesit on him as punishment for not doing it right.

Princess Jenny wanted this loser to lick and smell her ass albeit through her jeans. She removed her belt and used it threateningly on her slave and let him know that if he did not do what she wanted, she would beat him up and force him to do it. The loser understood that she was serious and did what she wanted him to do and how she wanted it done.

Mistress Katja wanted a seat in her bathroom to help her apply make up. But the seat she got was not high enough so she decided to substitute it with her slave. She made her slave sit down and she sat on his face while wearing her jeans and continued to apply her make up oblivious to the suffering she was putting her slave in. She only let him go once she was done.

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