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This mistress loves jeans because it brings out her ass. She does not like any kind of jeans. It has to be tight jeans. She also likes it because it helps her punish and humiliate those she needs to punish and/or humiliate. She likes to facesit on someone and make them almost choke before she lets them go. That method is always effective and gets her what she wants all the time.

Princess Heidi has an ass to die for. She likes to use that ass to humiliate guys she wants to humiliate or punish. Today, she felt like getting her ass smelled and licked. She was wearing her jeans so she removed it and made her slave lick and smell her sweaty ass before she wore it and used it to smother his face with her ass. It was exciting for her but painful for him.

Mistress Katja came home pissed and her slave had not done what she wanted him to do. She was now double pissed and had to do something about it. She called her slave and she facesat on him with her jeans. She smothered his face with her ass in jeans and made sure he suffered and almost choked while under her. She did not care and wanted to send a strong message which she did.

These mistresses both have a jeans fetish and love to have fun in their jeans. They enjoy it when they rough up each other a little bit and then make each other smell or lick the other's ass or pussy through the jeans. It turns them on and makes them crazy for each other and always ends up with a great orgasm. That is how mistresses Attika and Latoya like to have their fun.

These mistresses have a jeans fetish and they like to indulge in it whenever they have an opportunity. Today they felt like it and this slave was not lucky. They did not let him rest. They facesat on him with their jeans and smothered him with their asses. As one of them sat on his face, the other one knelt on his stomach. It was painful but they did not care.

Robin and Anne stay in an apartment together and it is only natural that they have disagreements from time to time. The way these babes settle differences is very hot. They wrestle in the floor and Robin clearly dominates with hair pulling, facesitting, scissor holds and choking her until she almost passes out. Anne will think twice before she messes with Robin again because she destroys and humiliates her.

Just one of these girls can be deadly to a slave when they punish them, but there is no chance for this slave when Lilu and Cora get together to ravage him with hard facesitting. They start out with their jeans on and smother him with their jeans asses. They want to feel skin to skin so they both take of their jeans and start facesitting on the helpless slave in their panties.

Gorgeous brunette goddess Jenny looks hot no matter what she is doing, but she is especially hot when she crushes things with her jeans ass. She loves to act like a giant and use her jeans ass to crush small buildings. She places some small wooden buildings on the table. You can see her panties peeking out as she lowers her jeans ass down on the buildings crushing them until they lie in pieces.

Karina is a stunning babe with a killer body that fills out jeans very well. This time she has some sexy beige jeans on. She walks into the bathroom as if she is going to take a shower but doesn't bother to take off her clothes. She starts soaking herself until the jeans are drenched. They hug her body even closer when she is wet and her round jeans ass looks even hotter.

Madame Marissa took her slave out to a deserted field so no one could hear him scream when she punishes him. She makes him take his shirt off and lie on the ground while she viciously stomps and tramples his body with her high heel boots and even crushes his face. She crushes him with her full weight then takes her boots off and punishes him more with foot worship and facestanding.

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