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Mistress Saya's boyfriend was out of town and she wanted to surprise him. She knew how much he loved her ass so she teased him using her ass. She facesat on a teddy bear and pretended it was him and she was facesitting on him. She then removed her jeans and she showed off her G-string and had fun teasing him. She knew he would be dying to have her when he saw it.

Madame Marissa planned to crush this loser with her ass because she knew he would be in pain. She intended to use her jeans to do it and she was sure that if she facesat on him with her denim on and she wiggled her ass on his face, she would make him feel a lot of pain and that would teach him an important lesson he would not forget in a hurry.

Mistress Elfia and her girlfriend mistress Sonja were enjoying their time together. And keeping with their tradition of trying naughty things, they decided to try jeans fetish. They were both wearing their tight jeans and the wrestled a bit to determine who would crush and facesat on the other one first. Mistress Sonja went first before they switched. They had fun facesitting on each other and the domination that came with it.

Mistress Drea loves to tease and humiliate. Today she wanted to humiliate her slave by making him watch all that she did and told him to film it for her. She was wearing her tight jeans and she touched herself all over. She even moaned and touched herself in all kinds of positions and she could tell the slave was feeling it and was getting turned on but could do nothing. When she knew he was super turned on, she told him she had had enough.

Mistress Sophia Smith loves her jeans. She has a lovely shape and she likes to wear clothes that accentuate her figure. Jeans is one of them. She was not in talking terms with her boyfriend and she knew he could never resist her ass. So she wore a tight pair of jeans and she sat provocatively knowing he was watching her. She tortured him and when he expressed interest, she pretended not to care.

Mistress Jamie Kate was in a hurry to go to work but she had to make sure her slave was punished first. So she humiliated him using her jeans and made him feel pain on his face and she moved her ass all over his face. When she felt it was enough punishment for him, she left him lying there and went to work with a warning that he should not repeat what he had done.

This mistress has an ass to die for. She loves playing with it and showing it off. This is because she knows that guys dig it and can never have enough of it. Today she was showing off her jeans to her boyfriend, and since she wanted to torture him with desire, she took advantage of it and showed off her ass. She made him get horny but denied him sex and told him it was not on her mind.

Mistress Lizz La Reign wanted to facesit on her slave and she knew her jeans would make the experience even more painful for the slave. So she wore her jeans and admired how it fitted her perfectly. She even teased the slave first before she started humiliating him. He did not see it coming as he assumed that she wanted to flirt with him and tease him. But she crushed his face with her ass in jeans.

Mistress Rouge Amy has a nice ass and she does not like to wear panties. She likes to tease guys with her ass and also likes to get her ass smelled. When a guy falls for her ass, she likes to make him lick it. And if he does not do it like she wants, she uses her jeans to crush him and facesit on him as punishment for not doing it right.

Mistress Canella and her lesbian lover love to have all kinds of fun. Today she surprised her lover by pinning her down and facesitting on her. She was wearing jeans so that made it extra spicy for her friend. It was a bit painful but they loved rough fun so it was not a big deal. She also rode her lover like a little pony before her lover overturned her and did the same to her.

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