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This mistress had caught her boyfriend checking out another girl and she was pissed. She felt that he was out there looking for other girls yet he had her and she wanted him to stop it. He did not have an explanation for his behavior and she punished him by facesitting him with her jeans. It was painful and humiliating but that was what he deserved for what he had done.

Sexy mistress Svenja wants to find out how long her slave can handle her sitting on his face. He can just barely handle the pain and getting smothered by his mistress. She doesn't care if she is hurting him, but she makes sure he gets the full brunt of her weight. She scissors his head and presses her legs against his head. He can smell her ass and he loves it.

In this hot video, sexy mistress Lisa gets her slave to lie down on the ground. She sits on his face wearing very hot tight jeans until he starts to suffocate, it is a very hot summer so he can really feel the heat and smell of her ass. She finally puts her full weight on him so he can really feel it all on his face and smell her delicious ass.

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