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Mistresses Maya Sue and Runa are lesbian mistresses who like to get their freak on any time anywhere. Today they were in mistress Runa's house when they watched a romantic film and found themselves horny. They went to the bedroom and mistress Runa removed her lesbian lover's jeans. Before she could do anything, her lover got on top of her and licked her through her jeans and that led to a night to remember.

Princess Jenny as ordered you down onto the floor and she is going to slowly lower her tight and sexy ass right down onto your face while she insults you. She knows that you have to do whatever she wants, which is why she takes the time to explain that you'll soon her her boyfriend sitting on your face right along with her. You'll be able to smell his hairy, stinky ass, just like you smell hers.

Mistress Despina does not like a lazy slave. Her new slave had lazy tendencies and she had to nip them in the bud before they became rooted. She wore her punishment jeans and facesat on the slave. She wiggled her ass on his face and punished him by nearly choking him and making him feel all that pain on his soft facial skin. Then she let him go after he promised to change.

Robin and Anne stay in an apartment together and it is only natural that they have disagreements from time to time. The way these babes settle differences is very hot. They wrestle in the floor and Robin clearly dominates with hair pulling, facesitting, scissor holds and choking her until she almost passes out. Anne will think twice before she messes with Robin again because she destroys and humiliates her.

Just one of these girls can be deadly to a slave when they punish them, but there is no chance for this slave when Lilu and Cora get together to ravage him with hard facesitting. They start out with their jeans on and smother him with their jeans asses. They want to feel skin to skin so they both take of their jeans and start facesitting on the helpless slave in their panties.

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